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Neat User Stories

A Collection of Stories About the Lives and Work of Those Who Uses Neat Video

Neat Video is used around the world by content creators of all kinds. From Hollywood filmmakers and video enthusiasts, to other professionals of every description. Technological imaging, television news, surveillance, forensics, archive film restoration and beyond, you’d be surprised how Neat Video is part of the story out there. We wanted to get to know our users better and we thought it would be fun for everyone to see what remarkable and unique things other content creators are up to out there. So, we embarked on a project to collect and share these stories. Every few weeks, we give you a look behind the scenes of a new featured user.

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The World Through The Lens of Laila

Laila is a visual content creator living in Zurich who has a passion for making movies about her travels. She uses the camera as a tool to document each journey. To her, the process of creating video is part of travel itself. The camera is a constant companion, a mirror, a diary that becomes like another person on the trip. In this way, she explores the world from the unique perspective of the creator. Check out her story here!

Picmention: Two Men and a Crazy Idea

Meet Matthias Weiner and Roman Rögner - the creative force behind the highly prolific production house in Leipzig, Germany. Here's the story!

Bryan Neumeister Has a Story Neat Enough for the Movies

Bryan Neumeister started his career in the door of a helicopter and he's still on the way up. After winning 39 Emmy awards, he's showing no sign of slowing down. Read his incredible story here.

How Howard Matthews is Pushing his Pictures

In this story, Howard Matthews of Push Pictures in Birmingham shares a few secrets to succeeding as a content creator and creating engaging work with clarity and sophistication. Read more...

Cam Nabors: Doing Good by Making Great Videos

In our second Neat User Story, Cam Nabors tells us how he’s making the world a better place one video at a time! Go behind the screen with us. Read more...

Mike's Incredibly Neat Story

Check out the first of our Neat User Stories and get to know LA filmmaker Mike Baez. Read how he went from budding actor to producing his first independent film! Read more...