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How does Neat Video work?

Neat Video is the product of years of research and development by a global team of highly qualified specialists. It utilizes a combination of sophisticated mathematical algorithms and an innovative approach to achieve results that surpass that of any standard noise reduction methods. Including relatively new wavelet-based techniques.

Neat Video’s approach is unique in that it builds and utilizes noise profiles to customize noise reduction. A noise profile is a reusable analysis of the noise properties of a particular video clip captured by a specific recording device in a specific mode. This information enables Neat Video to custom-tailor the noise reduction algorithm to the specific device. Which allows Neat Video to reduce digital noise with greater accuracy while preserving true details. Such an approach works for video materials produced by video cameras, camcorders, computer TV-tuners, film digitizers, and many more.

Neat Video’s noise profiling is highly automated. The program features a built-in auto-profiling tool that makes it easy to generate noise profiles at the click of a mouse. Moreover, you can save and reuse noise profiles for similar footage from the same device to further streamline your workflow.

Armed with noise profiling data, Neat Video goes to work to treat digital noise through a combination of temporal and spatial filtering. The temporal filter compares consecutive frames in a video sequence to more accurately distinguish noise from details. The spatial filter is then applied on a frame-by-frame basis to further reduce noise, grain and scratches to achieve smooth, polished, noise-free pictures. It is this approach — combining noise profiling with dual filtration — that transforms noisy clips into clean and neat footage while preserving the beauty and clarity of the original.

Neat Video has been designed to provide the best level of noise reduction that is practical on today’s computing systems. It is optimized for use on multi-core and multi-CPU systems and supports GPU acceleration where available. Through efficient engineering, Neat Video makes best use of the available hardware present in your system to provide maximum noise reduction in a way that is practical and fast.

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