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Best noise reduction
for digital video

How to use Neat Video

Learn how to use Neat Video from the very first steps to the finest details.

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After Effects plug-in

Premiere plug-in (SR)

Premiere plug-in (Legacy)

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Final Cut plug-in (Legacy)

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Complete User Guides

User Guides
All the fine details about Neat Video noise reduction and device noise profiling.

Resolving specific noise-related problems

Repeated frames in video clips and Neat Video noise reduction.

Dust and scratches in video clips and Neat Video noise reduction.

Banding in denoised video clips: possible causes and available solutions.

Neat Blog

Growing set of articles on video noise reduction, including recommended techniques, best hardware available for Neat Video, using denoiser on drone videos and much more.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 vs RTX 2080 Ti

Attack noise with Calibration Target

How to: Apply Neat Video to multiple clips in Premiere Pro

How to: Apply Effects to several clips in DaVinci Resolve

How to: Apply Neat Video to multiple clips in Final Cut

Host application has not provided input frames to Neat Video. Why?

Clip resizing and render speed

Metal vs OpenCL

Flicker reduction: a new video enhancement weapon in Neat Video 5!

How to use the new “Jitter of Details” tool in Neat Video 5

New CPUs and GPUs. How fast?

4 Factors when choosing a GPU for faster digital noise reduction

5 Factors when choosing a CPU for faster video noise reduction

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Other resources

Device Noise Profiling

Learn how to build custom device noise profiles for your video capturing device.

Questions and Answers
See the most frequently asked and answered questions about Neat Video.

"How to Clean Up Noisy Footage with Neat Video"
(External tutorial by Jay Inman)

"7 Strategies to Shoot Video in Low Light"
(External resource; video tutorial by Izzy Video)

Technical Support
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