Start earning money while learning video editing

Becoming a video editor can be both rewarding and lucrative, even if you're still in the learning phase. This guide offers practical steps to help you start earning money as you hone your skills. From mastering essential software to building a compelling portfolio and leveraging online platforms, discover how you can turn your passion for video editing into a profitable venture while continuing to develop your expertise.

Speed up video editing and render: hardware and software tips

Boosting your video editing and rendering speeds can significantly improve your workflow and productivity. This guide covers key hardware and software optimizations to ensure your system is up to the task. From maximizing memory and GPU capabilities to optimizing storage and system settings, we provide practical advice to enhance your setup. For a deeper dive into these strategies, read the full article.

Make editing in Premiere Pro smoother

Editing video is a non-stop juggle. You constantly have to make decisions about what effects to add to clips, what frame size to choose. You also have to think about the time you might have to spend waiting for the preview to be updated before you can carry on with editing.

How to get into video editing? No film schools

Discover essential video editing techniques in our expert guide. From software selection to storytelling, streamline your learning curve and elevate your edits. Uncover professional-grade tips for mastering color grading and sound design. Elevate your editing game and captivate audiences with stunning visual narratives.

The way to smooth editing in Final Cut Pro

At times Final Cut can become sluggish and updating preview may become super-slow. Luckily there is more than one way you can make Final Cut more responsive. Some simple adjustments can change the way you edit and make the whole process more enjoyable.

Video noise / grain reduction in Premiere Pro in 2024

Discover the most useful techniques and tools for achieving superior video noise and grain reduction in Premiere Pro. Whether you're a seasoned editor or just starting out, mastering these methods will elevate the quality of your video content to new heights. You will find both, free and professional options for video noise reduction in Premiere.

M3. How does it perform?

We see new Apple M computers every year. Let's see how much goodness have they packed into their fruits this time.

Frequency of video noise

Discover the fascinating world of video noise frequency in our comprehensive article. Gain insights into its significance, exploring its effects on your footage and how it influences your editing process. Arm yourself with valuable knowledge to elevate your video editing skills and achieve professional-quality results.

Editing aurora photos. Part 2

Embark on the final phase of our aurora shot editing journey in Photoshop! This time we dive into intricate details, guiding you through tools and techniques to seamlessly merge the Aurora and landscape.

Choosing GPU for video editing in 2024

With the new players in the GPU field, it's very hard to choose the one. Each graphic card model is sold as an "ultimate choice". This article will outline the main things you should keep in mind when choosing a GPU for video editing. Read on

Editing aurora photos. Part 1

Taking pictures of aurora in the field is the first step toward brewing the perfect picture. Extracting the magical feeling from your photos is the second one that can't be left out. Let's talk about selecting the right components for the final image, essential adjustments and mixing the landscape with aurora. Elevate your editing skills and bring your aurora photos to life!

Howtos of collaborative filmmaking

Filmmaking is quite an intricate dance, where disciplines like design, photography, writing, and music mix to create a unified vision. Uncover the benefits and challenges of fostering a collaborative filmmaking environment, delving into the crucial role of technology, project management, teamwork, and effective communication.

Photographing aurora borealis in the field

Capturing the beauty of the aurora is not just exciting; it's relatively easy with the right gear. We know gear isn't everything, but when shooting at night, it's essential. Let's explore what you need to pack, from lenses to accessories and camera settings. Plus, discover some pro tips on exposing and composing your aurora shots. Start your journey of taking pictures of stunning aurora!

Editing workflow in a full-scale film production

Ready to elevate your video editing game? Dive in and discover the secrets behind a pro's editing process! From importing raw footage to exporting the polished masterpiece, we've got your comprehensive guide right here.

From filming to editing aurora borealis

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of editing the mesmerizing aurora Borealis in this enlightening article. Uncover the secrets behind creating stunning visual masterpieces.