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Best noise reduction
for digital video

The Real Life Stories of Those Who Use Neat Video

Tom Cole Lets the Music Take Control

A great music video is an artful balance of story and energy compressed into a three minute movie. Hitting the mark takes a video editor an instinct for the edit. With a list of world-class musicians and a number of award-winning music videos to his name, Director Tom Cole knows what’s up. Read his story!

Diddy and Me. The Nico Ramos Story

Nico 'Neeks' Ramos is at a party. It’s not your usual kegger. Nearby, DJ Khaled sips a cocktail, weighed down by a trademark chunky 24 carat gold chain. Two tables over, Beyoncé... Read more...

Derek Morton is One to Watch

In Washington DC, where the lines of power converge, Derek Morton is tackling subjects with challenging psychological concepts and challenging politics commentary. Read more...

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What People Say

I mentioned my great enthusiasm for the plugin already. But today, it has helped me in a case where I did not think it would work. NeatVideo is simply great, fabulous and unbelievable! I do not say those words often.

Tom H., Switzerland

This is a life saver! I had some footage that seemed unusable, but they fixed it!

Brant Waldeck, My Creative Team, Inc., US

I did hesitate a little bit before buying your noise reduction software. But now I do not regret it at all. It works so flawlessly in my FCPX environment. The CPU/GPU usage is wonderful and the overall usability and options of your plug-in are just a charm. So I just wanted to say: very very good work!! Keep it like that :)

Thomas S., Germany

Version 4 is the video AND film restoration tool I have been waiting for ever since I had my old 8 mm movies scanned 10 years ago. Simply incredible results from such an affordable tool. And even reasonably fast on my old Mac Pro. Nothing else I've tried comes close.

Rabbe S., Finland

Your software really saved the day. We had RED footage that was unusable, until we found your software.

Linda Nelson (Nelson Madison Films)

I am a wedding videographer and frequently find myself having to film at +12db during indoor events, having just purchased neat video for Virtual Dub and carried out some real world testing on some of my pretty poor footage.. the results are remarkable, you would think the same footage had been recorded at 0db!!, the CCD noise at 12db is all but irradicated...unbelieveable!

Mike H., UK

The Vegas Pro plugin did a great job removing noise without destroying the image. Thank you for this LIFESAVING program. It takes semi pro camera stuff (4K-10K USD) to another level!

Steve T., US

This is by far the most impressive plug in I have ever used. I was shocked, and kept repeating "Oh my God" when I saw the results of using this plug in on some grainy video of a Bride repeating her vows.

Charles J., Canada

I am working on a 16mm short film shot almost 10 years ago. The film has degraded significantly. After adding the filter the picture quality looked as good as a 35mm film shot yesterday, not 10 years ago!

Mark B., New Zealand

I tried the Demo Plug-In for VirtualDub and I am pleased to say that NeatVideo works as advertised. My camcorder could have been the perfect model with all its great features, but the manufacturer gave it a low-end CCD ... I love the camcorder but not the in-door graininess and low-light noise. NeatVideo compensates superbly, far beyond what I had hoped.

Brian C., US

I'm totally blown away by the first use of the plugin. The results are outstanding even with the default 'out of the box' settings.

Kevin B., UK

... the results were very impressive looking. Not a single speck of grain were visible.

Rune S., Norway

I tested it on scenes which were shot in low light conditions and it gave very smooth and "neat" results!

Laurens O., The Netherlands

I was very impressed with performance and glad it worked as well as I had hoped.

Gordon H., UK

Nice plug-in, work really good for all old-vhs.

Simon T., Chile

It did exactly what I needed it to do – and better than I could have ever imagined – and saved my project.

Lesley Weidenbener

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What People Publish

by Roger Jennings

... in instances where the lighting may be out of your control, the Neat Video plug-in may be your best bet.

by Larry Jordan

... fast, easy to use and creates some amazing results.

by Jan Ozer, in Digital Content Producer

"All of us shoot (or are shot) in low-light situations, which inevitably results in noise. While not a panacea, the Neat Video noise reduction plug-in does a great job improving the quality of your video footage, with an easy interface for novices, and advanced configuration options for more technical users. It's hard to imagine any video producer who couldn't benefit from owning this affordable, highly effective plug-in."

by Steve Douglas, in Digital Content Producer
by David Mackenzie, Lyris Lite

"This filter is so good that I now use it exclusively whenever I need noise reduction."

by Jay Inman

"I can almost guarantee that at some point in your video production career there will be a time you have to use a less than ideal high ISO setting to get a dark shot properly exposed. With Neat Video, you don't have to fear noise anymore!"

by Martial, Final Cut MTL

Video presentation in French.

"Scharf, aber verrauscht"
MEDIA BIZ magazine, Number 145, Nov 2008, in German

"Das Neat Video Plug-In hilft, verrauschtes Material wieder ansehnlich zu machen."

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