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Best noise reduction
for digital video


Flicker Reduction

Flicker is a distracting repeated change of brightness. It can occur for many reasons, such as difference in the light frequency and frame rate, flickering light sources, aggressive video compression, etc. All of these things can now be dealt with easily, thanks to the simple new Flicker Reduction tool in Neat Video 5. It’s really easy to use!

Watch this tutorial and learn more about types of flicker and the specific tools to deal with them.


The tutorial uses Neat Video 5 in Premiere Pro, but all the points are exactly the same in other versions of Neat Video 5 (for other host applications such as Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Fusion Studio, Nuke, Vegas, Edius, VirtualDub, Magix, Scratch, Mistika, Autodesk Flame Family, Natron, DustBuster and others).

The tutorial is available in higher resolution. You can switch the player to the full screen and increase the resolution up to 1080p.