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for digital video

Neat Video 5.1 update

Neat Video plug-ins have been updated to version 5.1 with added support for several new versions of host applications and new GPU models. The update also includes stability and performance improvements. The most important changes include:

  • Optimized performance in GPU modes
  • Added support for new AMD GPUs:
    • AMD Radeon VII (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
    • AMD Radeon RX 590 (MacOS)

    Some older AMD GPUs are no longer supported on Linux: refer to the history of changes below.

  • Improved compatibility with the most recent update of Adobe video editing applications:
    • Premiere Pro 2019
    • After Effects 2019
  • Added support for new versions of Resolve:
    • Resolve 16
    • Resolve Studio 16

    Optimized performance with Resolve 16 and Resolve Studio 16.

  • Added support for new versions of several OpenFX host applications:
    • Fusion Studio 16 Beta (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
    • Mistika Boutique 8.8+ (Windows, MacOS)
    • Mistika Ultima 8.8+ (Linux)
    • Autodesk Flame Family 2020 (MacOS, Linux)
    • DIAMANT-Film Restoration & DustBuster+ 11 (Windows)
  • Added support for Vegas Pro 17
  • Added support for Media Composer 2019.
    The 32-bit full float color pipeline in Media Composer 2019 is supported as well.
  • Improved Neat Video performance in several special situations
    • Improved frame flicker reduction in certain edge cases
    • Improved filtration quality when multiple consecutive copies of a frame are present
    • Improved conversion of noise profiles prepared in old versions of Neat Video
    • Better handling of incorrect input data (NaN in pixel values)
    • Added workarounds for the known Premiere bugs related to:
      • using a non-standard frame rate
      • applying Time Remapping or Speed/Duration
  • Fixed several minor bugs

Please refer to the history of changes for more details: