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Smoother playback in Final Cut

When working with high-resolution video (like UHD and higher) or when your computer struggles to provide sufficiently high processing speed, video editing can become a tedious and extensively long process. Add heavy effects to this mix and Final Cut’s playback and preview update will get even slower.

These abnormalities don’t happen all the time but are usually triggered by certain activities. Here are some examples:

You can see choppy playback with skipped frames:

  • when you try to start playback directly (without rendering)

Slow updating of preview in Final Cut can happen:

  • immediately after applying a heavy effect, like Neat Video, to a clip
  • after applying additional effects to the same clip or changing their parameters
  • when jumping quickly between different frames in the timeline

General sluggishness of Final Cut’s interface can occur:

  • when preparing preview in clips with heavy effects
  • when starting or stopping playback
  • when doing other operations while Final Cut is doing some background rendering

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