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DPReview, we will miss you

You have probably heard it... DPReview is settled to pass away in April this year... NeatLab team mourns with all of you...

We all had relied on the website for expert reviews and analysis of the latest camera equipment for years and were shocked when the news reached the team.

We have our own reason to be sentimental about DPReview. Not many of you know, but DPReview was one of the first public resources where we posted about the first beta version of Neat Image. Then Neat Video followed.

Neat Image and Neat Video have since become popular tools in the photography and videography industries. The software has also been recognized with various awards and accolades. But it all started with DPReview in 2001 when we didn't even have our and websites.

Over the years, the site has built a loyal following of photography enthusiasts who have turned to the platform for unbiased and expert reviews of the latest cameras and equipment. The site's forums have also provided a valuable community for photographers to share their knowledge and experiences.

As news of DPreview's impending closure spreads, many in the photography community are expressing their gratitude for the site's contributions to the industry. The platform will be sorely missed, but its legacy will live on through the products and knowledge it helped to foster.

In the following video, Tony Northrup talks about the early days of DPreview and his passion for photography. We are on board as well: