Editing aurora photos. Part 2

Embark on the final phase of our aurora shot editing journey in Photoshop! This time we dive into intricate details, guiding you through tools and techniques to seamlessly merge the Aurora and landscape.

Editing aurora photos. Part 1

Taking pictures of aurora in the field is the first step toward brewing the perfect picture. Extracting the magical feeling from your photos is the second one that can't be left out. Let's talk about selecting the right components for the final image, essential adjustments and mixing the landscape with aurora. Elevate your editing skills and bring your aurora photos to life!

Photographing aurora borealis in the field

Capturing the beauty of the aurora is not just exciting; it's relatively easy with the right gear. We know gear isn't everything, but when shooting at night, it's essential. Let's explore what you need to pack, from lenses to accessories and camera settings. Plus, discover some pro tips on exposing and composing your aurora shots. Start your journey of taking pictures of stunning aurora!

Chasing aurora. All you need to know

Ever wanted to go far North (or South) to experience and maybe even capture Aurora dancing lights? It's not as easy as buying a ticket to Norway and going for a walk, but it's absolutely achievable if you know when, where, and how. Time to get ready!