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September 16, 2014

Neat Video 3.6: new host applications;
new GPUs

Added support for DaVinci Resolve 11,
Nuke 9 / 8, Scratch 8, DustBuster+ 6,
Mistika 8, Mamba 2, Adobe Pr CC 2014, AE CC 2014.
Support for new AMD GPUs, for CUDA 6 and more

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November 14, 2013

Neat Video 3.5:
new AMD GPUs, new host applications, optimizations
and more

Added support for DaVinci Resolve 10 (experimental),
Nuke 8,
Adobe Premiere Elements 12,
Avid DS

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July 25, 2013

New products:
Neat Video

New plug-ins add support for Avid Media Composer, Symphony and News Cutter

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July 16, 2013

Added support for Edius 7

New 64-bit version of Edius is now also supported

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Jun 17, 2013

Neat Video 3.4:
GPU optimizations,
support for
After Effects CC, Premiere CC,
Nuke 7, Scratch 7 and more

Updated plug-ins add support for new versions of editing applications and offer better GPU support
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Feb 8, 2013

New plug-in:
Neat Video for Edius

First version for Edius, supports Edius 6.5

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Jan 31, 2013

Neat Video adds support for Magix Video Pro X5

In plug-in for VirtualDub

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Jun 5, 2012

Neat Video adds support for FCP X

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Neat Video is a video filter designed to reduce visible noise and grain in video footage produced by digital video cameras, camcorders, TV-tuners, digitizers of film or analog video.

  • Neat Video provides the most accurate video noise reduction currently available: examples

  • Neat Video efficiently reduces noise of the following types:
    • sensor noise produced by digital video capturing devices
    • grain visible in digitized film or analog video
    • compression artifacts and more...

  • Neat Video is a video noise reduction plug-in for:
    • Premiere Pro (Win and Mac), Premiere Elements (Win and Mac)
    • After Effects (Win and Mac)
    • Final Cut Pro X / 7 / 6, Motion, Final Cut Express (Mac)
    • AVX hosts: Media Composer / Symphony (Win, Mac), News Cutter, Avid DS
    • OFX hosts:
      • Nuke (Win, Mac, Linux)
      • Scratch (Win, Mac)
      • DaVinci Resolve (Win, Mac, Linux)
      • Mistika / Mamba (Win, Mac, Linux)
      • Fusion (Win)
      • DustBuster+ (Win, Mac)
    • Vegas Pro, Sony Vegas Movie Studio
    • VirtualDub (can also be used with Magix Video Pro X6/X5 and in AviSynth scripts)
    • Pinnacle Studio
    • Edius 7 / 6.5

  • Latest update: Neat Video v3.6 adds support for DaVinci Resolve 11, Mistika / Mamba, Scratch 8; new AMD GPUs, CUDA6

  • Three editions: free Demo, $49.90 Home plug-in, $99.90 Pro plug-in ($199.90 for some versions)

Please download Neat Video v3 Demo plug-in to see what kind of noise reduction is possible with Neat Video. Please also see video tutorials.

Neat Video noise reduction plug-in. To make video cleaner.


Neat Video for Windows Neat Video for Mac OSX Neat Video for Linux


Also available:
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September 16, 2014

  • Neat Video 3.6 update

Added support for CUDA 6, new AMD GPUs and new host applications: DaVinci Resolve 11, Mistika 8.2, Mamba 2, Scratch 8 and more

Neat Video plug-ins have been updated to version 3.6 with several improvements and support for new host applications and new GPUs.

  • Neat Video OFX

    Added support for the following OFX-compatible host applications:

    • DaVinci Resolve 11 / 10; (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    • SGO Mistika 8.2+ / Mamba 2; (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    • Nuke 9 / 8; (Windows, Mac, Linux)
      (older versions of Nuke remain supported too)

    • Scratch 8; (Windows, Mac)
      (older versions of Scratch remain supported too)

    • DustBuster+ 6; (Windows, Mac)
      (older versions of DustBuster+ remain supported too)

  • Neat Video for Final Cut

    • The FCP plug-in has been tested with the version 10.1.3 of FCP X;
      the recommended version of FCP X is now 10.1.3 or newer

    • Several cosmetic improvements in GUI of the plug-in
    • Improved compatibility with Final Cut Express

  • Neat Video for After Effects (Windows, Mac)

    • Added support for After Effects CC 2014
      (older versions of After Effects remain supported too)

  • Neat Video for Premiere (Windows, Mac)

    • Added support for Premiere CC 2014
      (older versions of Premiere remain supported too)

  • All Windows and Linux plug-ins:

    • Updated to CUDA 6: added support for new NVIDIA GPUs with Compute Capability 5.0 (such as GeForce GTX 750 Ti and more)
      Please make sure you run the latest version of the video driver to enable CUDA 6 on your computer

    • Improved error reporting of GPU-specific issues

  • All Mac OSX plug-ins:

    • Improved support for Mac OS X 10.10

    • Added support for some new AMD GPUs based on Pitcairn, Tahiti and Hawaii chip series, for example, R9 270, R9 280, R9 290 etc.

    • Improved plug-in installers

Download updated Neat Video plug-ins

Licensed users of the corresponding versions of Neat Video 3 can directly download the latest update 3.6:

After Effects (Win) | After Effects (Mac) | Premiere (Win) | Premiere (Mac) | Final Cut (Mac)
OpenFX (Win) | OpenFX (Mac) | OpenFX (Linux) | VirtualDub | Sony Vegas | Pinnacle Studio
| Edius | AVX (Win) | AVX (Mac)

If you haven't purchased a v3 license yet, please try Demo editions of Neat Video v3 plug-ins.


Upgrading from older versions (version 1 and 2)

The new major version 3 of Neat Video is a paid upgrade for buyers of the older versions 1 and 2.

Please find more details in the version upgrade page.


Video tutorials

Please see video tutorials to start using Neat Video. They will also help you improve your results.


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