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Neat User Stories

A Collection of Stories About the Lives and Work of Those Who Uses Neat Video

Neat Video is used around the world by content creators of all kinds. From Hollywood filmmakers and video enthusiasts, to other professionals of every description. Technological imaging, television news, surveillance, forensics, archive film restoration and beyond, you’d be surprised how Neat Video is part of the story out there. We wanted to get to know our users better and we thought it would be fun for everyone to see what remarkable and unique things other content creators are up to out there. So, we embarked on a project to collect and share these stories. Every few weeks, we give you a look behind the scenes of a new featured user.

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Tom Cole Lets the Music Take Control

A great music video is an artful balance of story and energy compressed into a three minute movie. Hitting the mark takes a video editor an instinct for the edit. With a list of world-class musicians and a number of award-winning music videos to his name, Director Tom Cole knows what’s up. Read his story!

Diddy and Me. The Nico Ramos Story

Nico 'Neeks' Ramos is at a party. It’s not your usual kegger. Nearby, DJ Khaled sips a cocktail, weighed down by a trademark chunky 24 carat gold chain. Two tables over, Beyoncé... Read more...

Derek Morton is One to Watch

In Washington DC, where the lines of power converge, Derek Morton is tackling subjects with challenging psychological concepts and challenging politics commentary. Read more...

The Colorful Eye of Rohit Kamboj

Rohit Kamboj is a new photographer who has developed his own a highly colorful style. Meet him in this story. Read here

Franz Frohner: Movies of my Life

Meet a 40-year video enthusiast who collected a lifetime of footage from 8mm film to GoPro 4K. Read his story here!

Paul Byun – the Chameleon Behind the Camera

Dynamic range is an important concept in cinematography, but Paul Byun teaches us that it’s an important business mindset for the modern video professional. Read his story here!


Geert van Hooff’s Perfect 3D Pixels

Geert Van Hoof is a perfectionist 3D artist from Amsterdam who makes stunning 3D product visualisations, animations and designs for big brands and commercial agencies. Read his story here!

Orange ‘Ear: a Musical Project with an Offbeat Name

What is Orange ‘Ear? Check out Frank Nagel’s story and learn how his unusual music project got its truly offbeat name. Read here!

Joe Barber’s Instagram Idea

Ideas inspire action and action leads to opportunity. That’s what Joe Barber learned from an incredibly cool Instagram experiment. Read it here!

Carlos Bartual's Art in Motion

Carlos Bartual is a photographer and film maker from Valencia in Spain who made a name for himself capturing racy images of the world’s most beautiful machines. Read his story!