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Best noise reduction
for digital video

Slow Shutter (Repeated Frames) Mode

This tutorial has been created in Neat Video 4, however all the steps and information also apply to Neat Video 5.

Neat Video includes a dedicated Slow Shutter (called Repeated Frames in Neat Video 5) mode allowing the filter to adjust its work to this special condition — presence of repeated frames in video data — and to apply the noise reduction correctly to all frames. Please check this article for more information.

This tutorial explains the problem of repeated frames, its influence upon noise reduction and the solution offered by Neat Video — the Slow Shutter (Repeated Frames) mode. Two examples of actual use of that mode are included. The first example demonstrates the use of this feature with proper repeated frames in a clip with artificially increased frame rate. The second example demonstrates another clip with repeating noise that also required special treatment provided in the Slow Shutter (Repeated Frames) mode.

The tutorial uses Neat Video in After Effects, but all the points are exactly the same in other versions of Neat Video (for other host applications such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Fusion Studio, Nuke, Vegas, VirtualDub and others).

The tutorial is available in higher resolution. You can switch the player to the full screen and increase the resolution up to 1080p.