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Best noise reduction
for digital video

Repeated Frames Mode

Repeated noise and repeated frames are very common in today’s footage. They can be introduced by in-camera noise reduction, some codecs and in post-production. No matter how they made into the video, they make it very difficult to remove video noise present in some frames. The first plugin (and the only one at the moment) that addresses the issue is Neat Video with it’s Repeated Frames mode. Check out this tutorial and try our Demo.

The tutorial uses Neat Video in Premiere Pro but all the points are exactly the same in other versions of Neat Video (for other host applications such as Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Fusion, Nuke, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, VirtualDub and others).

The tutorial is available in higher resolution. You can switch the player to the full screen and increase the resolution up to 1080p.