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Best noise reduction
for digital video

Reduce Noise, Flicker and Jitter in a Video Taken by GoPro

An in-depth tutorial on rescuing a video after in-cam noise reduction and aggressive codec of GoPro. We will have to deal with Remaining Noise, Flicker, Jitter of Details & Repeated Noise. The first video explains profiling and problems you may run into. In the second video you will learn how to tweak the filter to get nice and smooth footage with Neat Video plug-in.

Part 1

Part 2

The tutorial uses Neat Video in Premiere Pro but all the points are exactly the same in other versions of Neat Video (for other host applications such as Resolve, Final Cut Pro, Fusion, Nuke, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, VirtualDub and others).

The tutorial is available in higher resolution. You can switch the player to the full screen and increase the resolution up to 1080p.