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for digital video

Known Issues for Premiere Elements (Standard plug-in)

Current Issues

  • Expert mode required to use Neat Video (most versions)
    Premiere Elements will show third-party effects/plug-ins only if it works in Expert mode. If you currently use Premiere Elements in Quick mode, please switch to Expert mode to be able to use Neat Video.

  • When Trim/Razor applied to a clip, wrong frames supplied to Neat Video (Premiere Elements 12–15, partial workaround implemented in Neat Video)
    When a video effect plug-in doing temporal processing (for example, Neat Video) is applied to a clip that was cut or trimmed (using the Razor tool or any other way available in Premiere Elements), Premiere Elements serves incorrect input frames to the plug-in, which may result a missync of video and audio after rendering the video effect, in black frames in the beginning of the cut, etc. This is caused by a known bug in Premiere Elements, which has been confirmed by Adobe.

    Neat Video v4.0.3 (and newer versions) includes an automated workaround, which allows Neat Video to compensate that Premiere bug in most cases. Please update from 4.0 to 4.0.3 (or newer) to be able to use it. It should work automatically in most cases except one: if you cut the clip or change the trim points already after adding Neat Video to that clip then please simply re-open the Neat Video window and Apply again.

    If you still cannot resolve the problem using the automated workaround, please consider using the Second Revision plug-in, which avoids that Premiere bug by using a different Premiere API.

Older Issues

    No known issues