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for digital video

Known Issues for GPU

Current Issues

  • Incorrect processing on AMD RX Vega and Radeon VII
    (Windows, AMD RX Vega or Radeon VII, Adrenalin 20.7.1 and newer)

    The processed video may contain incorrect data if Neat Video 5 is running in GPU-only or CPU+GPU modes on a machine with AMD RX Vega or Radeon VII and with the Adrenalin driver version starting from 20.7.1 due to a bug in the driver.

    Possible workarounds:
    1. A workaround has been added to the Neat Video 5.4 plug-in to avoid that bug in AMD Adrenalin 20.7.1 and newer versions of the driver. Please update to Neat Video 5.4.
    2. Downgrade the GPU driver to AMD Adrenalin 20.5.1 or older.

  • GPU Error 4 in Resolve and CUDA Error 719 in After Effects and Premiere
    (Windows, computers with 2+ NVIDIA GPUs running drivers 442.19, 442.50, 442.59)

    When two or more NVIDIA GPUs are installed and Neat Video is used, Resolve may display the following message: 'The GPU failed to perform image processing because of an error. Error Code: 4.'
    Neat Video itself may also display errors mentioning 'unspecified launch failure (719)' when Neat Video is used in After Effects, Premiere and possibly other applications. This seems to be caused by a bug in the GPU driver version 442.19, 442.50 and 442.59.

    Upgrade NVIDIA GPU driver to version 442.74 (or newer) or roll back to version 431.86 (or older).

  • GPU Memory Errors
    (Windows, computers with 2+ NVIDIA GPUs running GPU drivers 441.xx)

    When two or more NVIDIA GPUs are installed, the GPU driver may leak the GPU memory leading to memory errors reported by Neat Video during processing. This problem seems to be caused by a bug in the GPU drivers of 441.xx series.

    Upgrade NVIDIA GPU driver to version 442.74 (or newer) or roll back to version 431.86 (or older).

  • CUDA support in macOS
    (macOS 10.14, 10.15, 11.0 and newer)

    The new versions of macOS starting from 10.14 are no longer compatible with the CUDA Driver developed by NVIDIA. The CUDA Driver software is required by Neat Video to run CUDA-enabled processing on NVIDIA GPUs. Since the CUDA Driver cannot run in the recent versions of macOS, Neat Video cannot use NVIDIA GPUs in macOS 10.14 or newer. The new versions of Neat Video starting from the version 5.4 no longer include support for CUDA.

    Possible workarounds:
    1. Using an older version of macOS (10.13 or older) with Neat Video 5.3 or older.
    2. Using an AMD GPU instead of an NVIDIA GPU.
    3. Running Neat Video in CPU-only mode.

Older Issues

  • Mac OSX: CUDA driver 5.5.47 may cause crashes (in Neat Video and in other software) if the driver is installed on a Mac with AMD GPU. To avoid that please install the latest version of the CUDA driver.
  • Windows and Linux: AMD Catalyst Omega (14.12) driver contains a number of errors causing incorrect processing results and even crashes when running Neat Video on certain models of AMD GPUs. Please install Catalyst 15.7.1 (or newer) to help Neat Video 4.x avoid those driver bugs. Some models of AMD GPUs models may require an even higher driver version (Crimson 16.3 or newer). For Neat Video 3.x, please downgrade AMD driver to Catalyst 14.9.