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Best noise reduction
for digital video

Known Issues for Edius

Current Issues

  • Neat Video must be applied before all other effects (all versions)
    Due to a limitation of Edius plug-in architecture, Edius and Neat Video may not work correctly if you place Neat Video effect NOT above all other effects applied to a clip. Check the order of effects in the Information tab of Edius. Make sure Neat Video goes first there and stays above Layouter and any other effects. Manually drag Neat Video to the top there if necessary.

  • 10-bit rendering is not supported in Edius (all versions)
    Due to a limitation of Edius temporal API architecture only 8-bit processing is currently supported by Neat Video.

  • Slow decoding and checkout of source frames (all versions)
    Edius is known to be slow at providing frames to Neat Video unless the source clip is transcoded into Edius' internal format. To speed up the overall Edius processing it is recommended to use [Render and add to timeline] command on the source clip (or press Shift+Q) before applying Neat Video effect.

Older Issues

    No known issues