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Best noise reduction
for digital video

Building noise profiles using Calibration Target

You can use Neat Video Calibration Target to build device noise profiles for your camera using these steps:

  1. Print the Calibration Target out on a matte white paper in high quality to avoid printing artifacts:
    - color version for color printers;
    - grayscale version for black & white printers.
  2. Set your camera to a certain shooting mode (gain level, exposure program, etc.) that you want to build a noise profile for.
  3. Important: set the focusing system on infinity (or macro) to get a slightly out-of-focus image of the printed target.
  4. Make a short shot (1–2 sec) of the printed target.
  5. Open the test shot in your editing application and then in Neat Video plug-in and build a new noise profile using the Auto Profile button or menu Profile > Auto Profile.
  6. Add comments about used device mode of the camera to the profile.
  7. Save the noise profile to a file with an explanatory name

If you build a set of profiles for several camera modes, please also see the "Device Noise Profiles" section of the user guide.