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Best noise reduction
for digital video


Jan 26, 2023

Time to chase Aurora

Ever wanted to go far North (or South) to experience and maybe even capture Aurora's dancing lights? It's not as easy as buying a ticket to Norway and going for a walk, but it's absolutely achievable if you know when, where, and how. Time to get ready.

Oct 21, 2022

Neat Video 5.5.5

Neat Video 5.5.5 is a very fruitful update. 

The Neat team has added support to a big number of updated versions of host applications. Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects 2023, DaVinci Resolve 18, Fusion Studio 18, Magix Vegas Pro 20... just to name a few. 

Both AMD and NVIDIA have launched several new GPUs and Neat Video is now able to utilize their power and make denoising faster.

This release has also fixed several issues and improved overall stability and performance.

Oct 12, 2022

NVIDIA RTX 4090. What we think

NVIDIA has increased the number of GPU cores and their frequency, the other factors affecting performance have not changed. Most importantly, the internal GPU memory bandwidth did not increase. What this means is, yes, sure, every second all the GPU cores of RTX 4090 can perform 2.17x more calculations than those of RTX 3090 Ti, but most likely they won’t as data will not be arriving in time. This was our line of thinking. Were we right? Find out here .

Oct 5, 2022

Take your drone above the clouds

Filming with drones is one thing, but being able to deliver perfect shots and edits when circumstances don't really want you to is another story. In this blog post, you'll learn how to plan a difficult shot in the mountains and get the most out of your drone and Final Cut. Read more

Aug 29, 2022

Reduce noise in Premiere Pro

Numerous factors contribute to a noisy video generally caused by light-based issues such as insufficient light in the shot, incorrect low-light lens, extremely high ISO values, heat or interference. However, it must be noted that there is no better fix for grainy or noisy footage than correctly taking the time to shoot it out in the field.

However, if you already have a clip that has to be denoised, you can get that done either with the help of Neat Video or using free effects that are already built into Premiere Pro. Learn more.

Aug 4, 2022

Working with interlaced footage

At times you may ask yourself and us 'What's going on?!' Why have your frames become squashed or doubled? Usually, those visual effects are just a sign that you are working with an interlaced video. Do you need to do anything special to denoise such clips? Learn the tricks here.

Jun 2, 2022

Is M1 Mac Studio really that good?

M1 computers are built differently and the new Mac Studio isn't an exception. The question is: Have Mac engineers managed to scale M1 Max performance and make M1 Ultra that efficient as it was promised? Read more here

Apr 22, 2022

Remove only flicker

At this stage, removing flicker and leaving all of the video noise in place is partially possible in Neat Video. Some temporal noise reduction is still inevitable, and the best thing you can do to achieve the desired effect at this time is to balance the amount of temporal noise reduction to achieve enough flicker reduction while not getting too much noise reduction (when it is not needed). Setting the filter carefully can get you very close to leaving the noise untouched. Here are a few simple steps to save as much noise as possible while removing flicker. 

Feb 24, 2022

More compatible than ever. Neat Video 5.5

Neat Video 5.5 is here and it’s ready to introduce you to noise reduction software that has been made compatible with the newest and most powerful hardware, software and operating systems out there.

Our noise reduction software has also got an improved user interface with the optimized dark theme, enhanced visual appearance on high DPI screens and better support for multi-monitor systems. Find out about ways Neat Video is going to work harder for you. Read more.

Dec 8, 2021

Neat Image 9. Improved from top to bottom

Can you think of a way for Neat Image to be improved? We think they all have been covered!

Let’s check:

  • Better looking denoised images — Done
  • Support for Apple M1, M1 Pro & M1 Max — Done
  • Improved user interface — Done
  • Better sharpening — Done
  • Better speed — Done
  • Ability to have several variants of filtration to choose the best one — Done

And there is more to Neat Image 9! Find out more.