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Best noise reduction
for digital video

Neat Video v4: new major version

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ABSoft team is pleased to introduce the 4th generation of Neat Video — the noise reduction solution for digital video.

The new major version 4 of Neat Video improves the visual quality and adds new features to achieve even better noise reduction results.

Main improvements

  • Higher quality of noise reduction
    • More accurate processing in scenes with changing luminance or chrominance:
      fade in/out, camera auto gain control, etc.
    • Dust and Scratches filter to remove film scratches, dust, impulse interference (more... )
    • Slow Shutter mode for video containing repeated frames (more...)
    • Better sharpening quality: less halos, sharper edges
    • High Quality mode for better detail preservation and sharper image
      (at the cost of reduced processing speed: 1.5–4 times slower)
  • Optimized workflow
    • Several source frames accessible directly in plug-in window provide a choice of frame for profiling
    • Restructured filter settings: better navigation, greater flexibility and easier experimenting
    • Improved preview takes all temporal and spatial filters into account
      (to adjust filters individually and in combination; to avoid round trips to host application for checking the final results)
    • Variants of filtration to visually compare results achieved with different filter settings
    • New filter preset collection to solve typical filtration tasks
  • Faster processing and more responsive GUI
    • Preview is updated faster when filter settings are adjusted
    • Multiple optimizations have allowed to preserve the speed of processing despite its greater complexity
    • Skip Neat Video Processing option to temporarily disable all instances of Neat Video filters
      (to speed up editing in the host application; especially useful in FCP X)
  • Added support for new host applications:
    • After Effects CC 2015
    • Premiere Pro CC 2015
    • Nuke 9
    • Magix Video Pro / Movie Edit Pro / Video Deluxe
    • Pinnacle Studio 18.5.1

Please refer to the history of changes for more details:

Pricing and Availability

  • Neat Video v4 is available as a set of products — plug-ins for a variety of video editing applications
  • Versions of Neat Video v4 for all supported operating systems are included into each corresponding product.
    For example, "Neat Video v4 Pro plug-in for Premiere" includes both Windows and Mac OSX versions of the plug-in.
  • Neat Video v4 products are available in two or three editions:
    • Demo plug-in: demo edition with limited functionality; free; download to try
    • Home plug-in: can process frames of up to 1920x1080 pixels; for non-commercial use;
      $74.90; purchase
    • Pro plug-in: can process frames of any size; may be used for commercial purposes;
      $99.90 ($249.90); purchase
      Please see the feature map for more details on features available in each edition.
  • All Neat Video v4 products are delivered as a digital download

Upgrading from older versions

The new major version 4 of Neat Video is a paid upgrade for buyers of the older versions 1, 2  and 3.

If you want to try v4 before upgrading please use the freely available Demo editions. They can be installed along with the previous versions of Neat Video and will not interfere with them.

Notes for users of older versions

  1. Neat Video v4 will not replace the older version of Neat Video on your computer. Neat Video v4 and an older version can co-exist on the same machine and even be used in the same project.
  2. If you want to use Neat Video v4 instead of an older version in an existing project then you need to manually add the new Neat Video v4 (Reduce Noise v4) to your project. You can then disable or remove the older instance(s) of Neat Video (Reduce Noise) from the project.
  3. Neat Video v4 builds and uses new noise profiles and filter presets that are not compatible with profiles/presets from older versions. If you have built a re-usable set of profiles for your camera with an older version of Neat Video then you may want to re-build it in Neat Video v4. The same applies to filter presets.
  4. If you upgrade from v1, v2 or v3 Home to v4 Home edition of any Neat Video products, please note an important difference in the license agreement:
    - v4 Home edition may only be used for non-commercial purposes.
    If you need to use Neat Video v4 for commercial purposes then please upgrade to v4 Pro edition (you can contact us for assistance).
  5. The Neat Video v4 plug-in for Pinnacle Studio no longer supports older versions of Pinnacle Studio (versions 10-15). Several newer versions of Studio (16, 17 and pre-18.5 versions) are not supported because they have outstanding technical issues preventing normal operation of the Neat Video plug-in. The only version of Pinnacle Studio fully compatible with Neat Video v4 at this point is the version 18.5.1 or newer.
  6. Neat Video v4 changes support for Magix host applications. Earlier, Magix host applications were supported by Neat Video v3 for VirtualDub. The new Neat Video v4 has a dedicated native (and therefore more compatible) plug-in for Magix hosts (see the list). Users of Neat Video v3 for VirtualDub who run that older plug-in in Magix hosts can choose to cross-upgrade to Neat Video v4 for Magix (the cross-upgrade option is available in the download area of your current v3 plug-in for VirtualDub).
  7. Neat Video v4 may be more demanding to the memory resources than the older versions, so we recommend to use the 64-bit versions of host applications / plug-ins instead of 32-bit ones whenever possible. For example, if you use Sony Vegas Pro 11, better run its 64-bit build than the 32-bit one. This will help both stability and speed of rendering.

    The 32-bit versions of some Neat Video plug-ins have not been included in Neat Video v4 for that reason too, so if you are upgrading from an older version to the new version 4 please check if you still need the 32-bit host/plug-in or you can switch to 64-bit versions. Please try the available v4 Demo versions too.
  8. Mac OS X: the new minimum version of OS X able to run Neat Video v4 is the version 10.7.5. If you need to use Neat Video in older versions of OS X please contact us for assistance.

Video tutorials

Please see video tutorials to start using Neat Video v4. They will also help you improve your results.