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Best noise reduction
for digital video

New major version: Neat Video v3

Aug 25, 2011

Neat Video team is pleased to introduce the 3rd generation of its noise reduction solution for digital video. The new major version 3 of Neat Video improves the visual quality and increases the rendering speed.

This new version includes the following changes and improvements:

  • Improved quality of noise reduction
    • Improved quality of temporal filtration
      Improved algorithms etter detect and preserve details in filtered video data and thus improve the overall visual quality. Rendering results delivered by Neat Video v3 in most cases look better than those of the previous versions. You can simply re-render the existing projects with Neat Video v3 and get better visual output.
    • Improved accuracy of adaptive filtration
      Adaptive Filtration option allows to adjust the filter to the changing noise with better precision now, leading to more accurate noise reduction.
  • Higher performance: x2 faster due to CUDA-acceleration
    • Faster noise reduction using modern CUDA-compatible GPUs
      For example, enabling NVIDIA GTX 470 or GTX 285 on an i7-based computer makes Neat Video around x2 faster. The speedup may be higher with i5 or Core2 Duo machines or with faster CUDA GPUs.
    • CPUs and GPUs working together
      Neat Video can use both CPUs and GPUs at the same time for faster processing
    • Multiple GPU support
      Neat Video works even faster with two or more CUDA GPUs
    • Optimization of performance settings for multi-core, multi-CPU and multi-GPU systems
      • Built-in Optimizer in Neat Video Preferences
      • Built-in Benchmark to measure processing speed with specific hardware and performance settings
  • Higher performance (more): faster due to improved filter algorithms
    • Additional performance optimizations in filter algorithms to achieve higher rendering speed
      Rendering is around x2 faster* than in the version 2 (using CPU alone, even without CUDA).
      * The exact speedup factor can vary in the range x1.0-x2.5, depending on the filter and project settings (frame size, temporal filter radius, rendering precision), type of processor (speed, number of cores, cache size), RAM speed.

    • CUDA-based acceleration and filter optimizations combined together enable up to x4 faster rendering as compared with Neat Video v2.
  • OpenFX for Linux is now supported too
    • In addition to the OpenFX plug-ins for Windows and Mac OSX hosts (Nuke, Fusion), Neat Video is now also available as an OpenFX plug-in for Linux host applications (Nuke for Linux, 32-bit and 64-bit).

Refer to history of changes for more information: