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for digital video

Neat Video 5.6 is here

Neat Video is ready to introduce the 5.6 update, taking on board several new versions of NLEs and GPUs. These improvements aim to make the transition to new versions of video editing applications and hardware as easy as possible.

Support for the latest versions of NLEs

The Neat Video plugins have now been updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of host applications including:

  • Premiere Pro 2024
  • Premiere Elements 2024
  • After Effects 2024
  • Foundry Nuke 15
  • Foundry Nuke Indie 15
  • HS-ART DustBuster+ 15
  • Magix Vegas Pro 21
  • Edius 11
  • Magix Video Pro X (X15)
  • Magix Movie Studio 2024

Support for new GPU models

Hardware compatibility has also been extended to the following additional GPUs:

  • Apple
    • M2 Ultra
    • M3 / M3 Pro / M3 Max
  • AMD Radeon (Windows and Linux)
    • RX 7600 / 7600S / 7600M / 7600M XT
    • RX 7600M XT / 7600M / 7600S
    • RX 7700 XT / 7700S
    • RX 7800 XT
    • RX 7900 GRE / 7900M

Enhanced user experience

Across these plugins, you'll find consistent improvements that ensure smoother operation, better handling of issues, and improved user interfaces:

  • Enhanced reporting of gamma mismatch
  • Improved processing of specific error messages
  • Minor refinements in the user interface
  • Fixed various minor issues

Please refer to our history of changes for more information:

Download updated Neat Video plug-ins

Neat Video version 5.6 is the latest update improving compatibility and support for new software and hardware. This update is free for licensed users of version 5 of Neat Video.

To update to the latest version of Neat Video please proceed to the My Products page. If you haven't purchased a v5 license yet, please try Demo editions of Neat Video v5 plug-ins.

Upgrading from older versions

If you purchased an older version of Neat Video (version 1, 2, 3, or 4), then you can upgrade to the new major version 5 with a discount. If you want to try v5 before upgrading please use the freely available Demo editions.

Video tutorials

Please see video tutorials to start using Neat Video v5. They will also help you improve your results.