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Best noise reduction
for digital video

M1 answers

Right now Neat Video, like many other applications working on macOS, is undergoing a huge transformation in the process of “nativisation” of its code to Apple Silicon. The first two Neat Video 5 plug-ins that have native support for M1 computers are:

  • Neat Video 5.4 plug-in for Resolve
  • Neat Video 5.4 plug-in for OpenFX hosts

Currently we are working on adding the M1 support to the Final Cut plug-in.

But hang on… What is the difference between denoising on a new M1 computer and the older Intel-based Macs? Should you upgrade right away or waiting a bit longer is better? If you’ve decided to purchase your very first Apple Silicone Mac, which one should you choose? Here is what we think