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Best noise reduction
for digital video


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Feature Map

Features DemoHomePro
Supported platforms and host applications
Optional GPU acceleration
Ability to use two or more GPUs simultaneously
Licensed for commercial use
Video sequenceFile formats supportedall formats supported by plug-in host
Standard bitdepth (8 bits/channel) rendering
Maximum filtered frame size1280x720
(HDV 720p)2
1920x10802no size limit
Maximum filtered video duration15 minutesno duration limit
Neat Video watermark in filtered videoaddednot added
Spatial and temporal filter, adaptive filtration
Noise reductionChannel components (Luminance, Cr, Cb)
Frequency components
(High, Mid, Low, Very low, Ultra low)
Smart sharpeningChannel components (Luminance, Cr, Cb)
Frequency components (High, Mid, Low)
Device noise profilesAutomatic and semi-automatic profiling of any video-capturing device
Filter presets (reusable filter settings)
Price (single-copy license, see License agreement)


  1. Refer to compatibility page for more details.
  2. All editions of Neat Video can be applied to footage with any frame size, but actual filtration in the Demo and Home editions is applied to a part of each frame when the frame is larger than the specified limit.

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