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Neat Video filtration examples

Below are several examples of clips with visible noise of different nature. Generally, noise can be brought in by the video camera sensor and signal amplifier, by electric interference, by compression, etc. Neat Video can significantly improve the quality of such video by reducing the objectionable noise.


Video from a digital video camera: digital noise

This video contains heavy digital noise produced by the camera working in a high-gain mode. Neat Video reduces this noise, preserves the underlying details and makes the clip usable:

Credits: clip by V. Verendeev

Note: Most video compression methods work better on noise-free video data, so the filtered version of such a clip can be encoded to a significantly smaller file. Therefore, Neat Video helps to clean up the video and at the same time to make the resulting video file smaller.


Video scanned from old film: dust and scratches

This clip has been produced by digitizing old film-based records containing multiple scratches and dust particles. Neat Video's Dust and Scratches filter reduces those elements while preserving details:

More information about using the Dust and Scratches filter.


Time-lapse video: digital noise

This video clip has been recorded by a mobile device working in time-lapse mode. The small side of the sensor as well as the low light shooting conditions caused the strong digital noise in the clip. Neat Video is efficient at cleaning up that noise:



Video captured by a digital TV-tuner: noise and compression artifacts

This clip contains strong visible noise introduced by the air transmission of TV signal and further aggravated by the TV-tuner software's compression. Neat Video reduces the noise and produces a much cleaner video clip.



Video from a digital TV-tuner: noise and periodic interference

This clip contains the noise and radio interference from the air transmittion. The interference has a periodic structure (visible as the banding in the original version). Neat Video clears these noise elements, preserves and reveals true details and produces a clean video output.



External examples

  • Before & After: Pocket of Fog - Shot with BMPCC RAW, by D.L. Watson

    "Good thing there is the super affordable and powerful plugin Neat Video which eats grain for breakfast."

    A nice example of noise reduction helping to clean up night shots with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

  • 7D ISO 5600 noise reduction test with "Neat Video", by Patrick Lawler

    (Neat Video) "reduced the noise by an incredible amount and made the footage much better", Patrick Lawler

    The original 1080p clip contains strong noise produced by the 7D DSLR camera working in high ISO mode and in low light conditions. There are also compression artifacts. Neat Video clears the objectionable noise producing a much cleaner HD clip.

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