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5 ways Neat Video 5 is a new weapon in the battle for better video quality

Neat Video 5 is more than just an upgrade. It packs an army of new tools, features and improvements to help you win the battle to give your video the edge in quality. There’s a lot of detailed information about the new tools and improvements, but here we will give you quick 5 reasons you should try it out.

1. It’s faster

As a video maker, you know the struggle for hardware to keep up with ever-accelerating demands of software. But as the world grows hungry for video content, the pace of delivery hasn’t slowed down. That’s why you need every bit of help you can get, to speed up processing and make the best use of your available hardware.

For us, this is very important. Which is why Neat Video 5’s noise reduction engine has been tweaked and tuned to offer better performance. After bench tests on many different hardware configurations, the results have been breathtaking. Bench tests on many different hardware configurations show that the CPU-based processing is up to 1.5x times faster and GPU-based processing is up to 3.5x times faster on certain systems. The improvement in project render time may be lower though (because it involves the overhead of the video editing application) and varies from one video editing application to another.

2. Noise reduction is better

Neat Video’s claim to fame has always been the noise reduction quality. Neat Video 5 once again makes improvements. Improving the way noise samples are analyzed, and enhancing Neat Video’s proficiency at processing noise. In our tests the new version consistently delivers better final results, eliminating more unwanted noise while preserving the beautiful details you want to hang on to.

3. We’ve added amazing new tools

With every iteration, Neat Video adds new tools to deal with common video imperfections and improve video quality. Version 5 sees several new powerful features join the growing suite of tools.

These include flicker reduction which suppresses sudden changes of brightness and stabilization of jittering details, which deals with the strange heat-haze effect often caused by compression and poor in-camera noise reduction. But it doesn’t end there, because we’ve also added new visual feedback tools that help you to apply noise filters more appropriately and a playback feature so you can check the results of your settings in action right away.

All of these have been added to help you to remove as much noise and imperfections as possible, to achieve more of the perfectly crisp video you’re after.

4. We’ve improved existing features

In addition to adding new tools, we’ve worked on the existing features to make them more powerful and more efficient at targeting undesirable video imperfections. In particular, we’ve turned our attention to the Dust and Scratches tool and the Sharpening tool. Both of these were already very effective, but we’ve improved the way they analyze the footage and refined the way they process the data. Now, they do their job better.

5. It’s quicker to get things done

With the need for more and more video content in the world, it’s becoming more important to do things more efficiently and reduce the time it takes to achieve outstanding results.

For this reason, Neat Video 5 has introduced several new features that make the whole workflow more user-friendly. For instance, we’ve added adjustable generic profiles to help you create a good noise profile quicker. The new visual feedback tools and playback feature mentioned earlier also help to get the desired results easier and faster.

Neat Video 5 is a lot of video quality for your money

All in all, Neat Video 5 offers a lot more value for the video maker than Neat Video 4. It’s more powerful yet easy to use. It has better tools and features. It’s significantly faster! Neat Video 5 isn’t just an upgrade, it’s a new weapon in the battle to improve video quality. It is made for the modern content creator who wants to work wonders.

We’ll be exploring each tool in more detail in this blog. But for now, you can already download the free demo of Neat Video 5 and get familiar with the best version of Neat Video yet.