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7 ways Neat Video 5 makes things easier for you

Neat Video 5 brings a lot more noise reduction power to the table, but the gains don’t stop there. You see, the only thing better than achieving stunningly clean and crisp video is doing that with ease – and that’s what Neat Video 5 is all about!

The new version brings you lots of new tools and features designed to assist you at every step of the Neat Video workflow . In fact, we have counted 7 new ways that Neat Video 5 makes it easier to get things done and achieve more outstanding results while working smarter, not harder. Ready? Here they are!

1. Smarter Auto Profile for faster, more accurate results

Noise profiles allow Neat Video to do its magic and selecting a good noise sample for analysis is essential to achieving a great result. While you can manually select a suitable area for profiling, the Auto Profile function is the fastest and often most accurate way to do that. In Neat Video 5 we’ve made this function even smarter by making it examine multiple frames. In Neat Video 5 the Auto Profile automatically selects the noisiest part of the frame and also examines 10 adjacent frames to select the best area for sampling. Which means you get a better profile and therefore better final results without any extra work. Brilliant!

2. Adjustable Generic Profiles for situations when you can’t find an area for profiling

If you can’t find a sufficiently large area for noise profiling, Neat Video 5 offers a way to create a suitable profile using the Generic Profile function. Such a generic profile would work well in most cases but the default noise strength usually need to be adjusted for your clip. This adjustment is helped by the Profile Check tool offering a special preview mode. It makes it easy to find the right level of noise strength without much guesswork.

3. New playback preview to show results in action

Seeing is believing. When you’ve created a noise profile and fine-tuned the noise filter settings, we know you’re itching to check out the results. And now, you can preview more than a single frame – you can see how it looks in motion! Neat Video 5’s preview window can now render out several consecutive frames and play these back in a loop to show the results in action. You can make fine adjustments and see the changes in that live preview too. Not only that, you can still view one frame at a time and switch back to the original frame in one click for a quick comparison. All that makes it a lot easier to get a feel for how it will look when the video is finally rendered in all its glory!

4. New “Check Modes” to visually verify profiles and filter settings


We’ve taken the guesswork out as much as possible by including special new visualization tools that will help you quickly confirm that you’ve got the optimal noise profile and noise filter settings. These tools are called Profile Check Mode and Filter Check Mode and, when enabled, these modes use visual augmentation to emphasize areas of the frame that need more or less treatment. Allowing you to easily confirm what adjustment is needed and immediately verify the result on screen. This makes tuning a very simple and straightforward process .

5. Pop-up hints and help windows to explain the tools and settings

You don’t need to be a software engineer to use Neat Video 5. This version includes many new illustrated tips and help windows. If you’re not sure what a button does, or how a tool works, try hovering the mouse pointer over the item or clicking the “?” icon to reveal helpful instructions and explanations that will make things a lot clearer. This will let you use Neat Video with confidence.

6. Expanded and updated set of pre-built filter presets

If you don’t have time to tune filter settings, Neat Video includes pre-built noise filter presets to solve typical noise reduction tasks. In Neat Video 5, we’ve improved these presets and added many new ones too. Try them out and compare the results. Often, you’ll quickly find a preset that work s well with your clip, which can save you a lot of time in the edit. 

7. Variants of noise reduction with different noise profiles and filter settings

In the past Neat Video allowed to create different variants of noise filter settings, which made it possible to quickly compare different variants. With Neat Video 5 this great feature has now been extended to include noise profiles too. Which means you can build different noise profiles (for example by using different areas of the frame for noise analysis) and then choose the best one by comparing the variants. You can create and compare up to 4 different variants of noise profiles and filter settings and quickly switch between them to compare the results in preview. Which makes finding the best variant very quick and easy. Neat!

Better in every way! Try Neat Video 5!

With so many enhanced usability tools, tricks and options, Neat Video 5 is the easiest version to work with so far. Check out our other articles for more recommendations , tips and advice.

If you haven’t tried the new Neat Video yet, download the free trial now and test out the 7 ways that Neat Video 5 makes things easier for you.